Eric Carle Week: Day 5 (Your Turn)


Well friends, the problem with having “Eric Carle” week is that he has published just a few more titles than 5.  So, it’s your turn.  Please add a comment and let us know of another Eric Carle book that has not been mentioned.  Tell us what you or your children like about it.  Thanks for sharing!


7 responses to “Eric Carle Week: Day 5 (Your Turn)

  1. I know that Mr. Carle didn’t WRITE Brown Bear…but his illustrations in it are Fab and it’s utterly nostalgic to me.

  2. William LOVES Brown Bear… it helps him to practice his colors and animals too. We also love 10 little Rubber Ducks and From Head to Toe.

  3. We also love Brown Bear. We have a very cute video that has pictures from a bunch of Eric Carle’s stories — The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Quiet Cricket, The Mixed-up Chameleon, Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me, and I See A Song. I just looked and you can still get this video on Highly recommended — it isn’t so flashy like a lot of newer videos, but more like a kindly voice reading your child stories and showing them the pictures.

  4. I love Eric Carle too. I don’t have any new favorites to add ’cause frankly, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is the only one I’ve ever actually read (gasp!) Anyway, thanks for opening my eyes to the colorful world of his other creations.

  5. There are quite a few baby board books by Eric Carle, like “My First Words” and colors and shapes and numbers. I know I have seen more, but can’t remember exactly at the moment. I love your obsession with kids books.

  6. Worbtire Vetts

    He’yaa knock urself out LOL

    Papa, please get the moon for me
    The grouchy ladybug
    Mister seahorse
    The tiny seed
    The mixed up chameleon
    The very lonely firefly
    The secret birthday message
    The very clumsy click beetle
    Baby’s first year
    A house for hermit crab
    10 little rubber ducks
    123 at the zoo
    my very first book of colours
    Do you want to be my friend?
    Have you seen my cat?
    Where are you going? To see my friend.
    My very special scrapbook.
    Pancakes, pancakes
    Walter the baker
    My Very First Book of Numbers
    My Very First Book of Shapes
    My Very First Book of Words
    All about Arthur (out of print)
    Watch out! A giant!
    The honeybee and the robber
    Does a kangaroo have a mother too?
    Hello red fox
    Catch the ball
    Let’s paint a rainbow
    What’s for lunch?
    All around us (out of print)
    Little cloud
    Eric Carle’s treasury of classic stories for children
    The very quiet cricket
    Draw me star
    My apron
    From head to toe
    Flora and the tiger
    The art of Eric Carle
    You can make collage
    Rooster’s off to see the world.

  7. I had an Eric Carle book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar when I was a little boy.

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