Give Me Grace

“Give me grace” is what I was saying today.  Poor little Blainey was burning up with a fever and soooooo sad about it.  Wouldn’t eat.  Wouldn’t play.  Just whimpered.  And whimpered.  Days with a sick child are hard for two reasons.  1) You have a whimpering child all day.  2) Your child is miserable and you feel totally helpless about it.  The latter is by far the worst part. 


Give Me Grace is also the only thing that seemed to interest Blaine today.  It’s a great little book and Blaine brought it to me multiple times today to read it to him.  This sweet little board book is by Cynthia Rylant–a prolific and talented author–and is subtitled “A Child’s Daybook of Prayers.”  It’s a non-denominational prayer book with a little prayer for each day of the week.  Since it’s Tuesday, I’ll tell you what Tuesday’s prayer is:

“Tuesday teach me faith and caring, teach me wisdom, teach me sharing.  Raise me up and make me strong.  Be with me the whole day long.” 

Here’s why I love this book: It is simple and sweet and teaches good things.  And its pictures are fabulous.  They are bold in color, very childlike, whimsical, and imaginative (did you notice that the tree on the cover has pink foliage and green fruit?  I love that!).  Plus the pages have gold edges, which means it’s basically scripture.  So there you go!

We were blessed to receive Give Me Grace from our friend, Lorraine.  But if you don’t have a friend named Lorraine to give it to you, you can find it at most book stores, and I’ve even seen it at T.J. Maxx for a discounted price.  Wherever you find it, I hope you’ll love it!


7 responses to “Give Me Grace

  1. What a cute book — never seen it before. My advice for a sick child is, it means you get to take the day off. Sit on the couch with the child (assuming that’s what they want to do) just snuggle their little sick self and RELAX.

  2. Mrs. Cropper- I have loved your blog and your recommendations! I stumbled upon you by happy accident and am very glad about it!

  3. Of course I’ll have to add this to my collection…since every book you feature is a must have! Sorry to hear Blaine was sick! Oh that’s so sad…hope he’s better now and his happy self again!

  4. Hi,

    I’m Wes’ mom, Lori’s nearly mom and Lucy’s grandma.

    Hope your little one is feeling better.


  5. Anne, this looks great! Can’t wait to read more of this author!

  6. I am on the hunt! I want this book!!

  7. Anne, I guess you found out my secret on where to buy childrens books….I am not afraid! Glad you and Blaine like the book. Love you, Girl.

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