Book Club Cyber-Meeting


OK Bookclubbers, it is time to discuss The Higher Power of Lucky.  My hope for this forum is that it can be more dynamic-like a chat room, and less static-like everyone makes one comment and is done.  Please continue to check back and respond to other readers’ comments, so it can be an ongoing conversation. 

A while ago I made some suggestions about what to take note of–plot, character development, good literary bits, etc.  Tell us what you think about all that.  Also, tell us what you thought generally of the book.  Do you think it deserved the Newberry Medal this year (declaring it the best book in American children’s lit for 2007)?  What do you think about the controversy??  (Let me tell you, there was quite a conversation about it in the class I attended last month, so I’m super curious about what all of you think.)  I’ll let y’all begin the commenting and I’ll add my two cents here and there. 

Let the fun begin!


One response to “Book Club Cyber-Meeting

  1. oh my gosh! I’m not done (only because I haven’t started!) Opps! I’ll read it today, I did just get it after all! and I’m sure I’ll have some opinions!

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